# 0013

Vibrant e-textiles

Artefacto, Montagem de items, Comum, Anos

Dados Sócio-culturias

Usos Presentes

Combining natural wool yarn with a metallic yarn capable of carrying small electric currents then linking it to a “LilyPad” electronic circuit enables its conversion into a digital signal that can be linked to a visual and/or audio display. If the two yarns are knitted together on a four-point lucet, this creates a hollow tube that can be stretched. Shorten or lengthen the “stretch sensor” and one can create dynamic displays. This e-knitting technique is easily learnt and ideal for generating workshops for soft e-textiles, buttons and other devices that can be integrated in clothing, physiotherapy exercises or choreographic works.

Dados Técnicos

Dados Geográficos Bio-temporais

Tempo de residência (Quando tempo é que a matéria/material/artefacto se mantém num estado inalterado numa localização/contexto/sistema antes da sua degradação?)


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