# 0064

beer bottle tops

Artefact, Several Things, Found, Metal (copper, iron, alloys, steel, etc.), Decades

Socio-cultural Data

Historical Uses

Patented in 1892 by William Painter in Baltimore, Crown Holdings has been manufacturing these pressed, crimpted metal bottle tops for 130 years. Originally the liquid seal inside the metal cap was made of cork but was replaced by synthetic plastics since the 1960s onwards. This type of top is used on drinks containing fermentation gases or carbon dioxide i.e. it can take a certain amount of gas pressure from inside the bottle but still remain intact.

Present Uses

Same as the historical uses i.e. for sodas, beers and carbonated drinks where the top needs to maintain the dissolved gas inside the liquid in the bottle.

Present Impact

Where people gather for music festivals, sporting events or the beach in summer, it is possible to find these crown tops in large numbers if recycling facilities are absent.

Technical Data

Class of Material

Metal (copper, iron, alloys, steel, etc.)

Bio-temporal-geographical Data

Residence time (How long does the matter/material/artefact stay in an unaltered state in the location/context/system before it decay?)


How does the item affect the environment in which it exists?

Harm it

Ontological-cosmological Data


What can humans give back to this artefact/material/living thing/matter?

Recycle it, do not just throw it away where it can cause harm to other living things and humans.