# 0006


Artefact, Several Things, Common, Polymers, Decades

Socio-cultural Data

Present Uses

There is considerable interest at present in the biofabrication possibilities of sea algae (seaweeds). Using a reclaimed fishing net, Studio Nienke hand knotted yarn made from giant kelp seaweed juxtaposing the natural fibre with the synthetic nylon yarn of the base to create this rug. When we begin to look around us at the ready-at-hand materials in our own territories new possibilities for local, small-batch design and production begin to emerge.

Technical Data

Class of Material


Bio-temporal-geographical Data

Residence time (How long does the matter/material/artefact stay in an unaltered state in the location/context/system before it decay?)


How does the item affect the environment in which it exists?

I don't Know

Ontological-cosmological Data