# 0031

Hybrid black poplar

Living Thing, Individual Thing, Common, Gathered, Museum, Polymers, Weeks

Socio-cultural Data

Historical Uses

Non known.

Present Uses

Non known.

Experimental, near future uses

When held in the hand this material is as soft as fibre from the tropical Kapok tree (Ceiba pentandra) used as filling for pillows and cushions. Perhaps, this vigourous hybrid popular can be a substitute for imported kapok fibre?

Other Fascinating Facts

The materials is actually comprised of tiny pappus attached to the seeds of the female tree of Populus x canadensis. The trees produce so much pappus is is like a snowstorm when the wind blows them from the tree and covers the ground with the white fluffy material.

Technical Data

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Bio-temporal-geographical Data

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Nourish it

Ontological-cosmological Data


How would you like to be with this artefact/material/living thing/matter?

by recognising the seasons

What can humans give back to this artefact/material/living thing/matter?

give space for the female trees to grow into mature specimens