# 0003

Casa Covida

Transforming Practice, Several Things, Common, Composite, Decades

Socio-cultural Data

Present Uses

Large-scale 3D printing machines are now capable of creating in-situ structures by applying composites of local soil, mud & straw through a nozzle. Casa Covida is a series of three interlinked structures providing multipurpose spaces for a couple or family to be in intimate contact with experiences that are closely associated with indigenous communities that lived on these lands for millennia. Furnished with locally woven rugs overlain on beetle-damaged reclaimed pine, the fire hearth and open skyspaces interweave an ambient materiality, spatiality and temporality lost from many lived experiences today.

Technical Data

Class of Material


Bio-temporal-geographical Data

Residence time (How long does the matter/material/artefact stay in an unaltered state in the location/context/system before it decay?)


How does the item affect the environment in which it exists?

I don't Know

Ontological-cosmological Data


How would you like to be with this artefact/material/living thing/matter?

Constructing it with others

What can humans give back to this artefact/material/living thing/matter?

Respect where the techniques, rituals and traditions came from but bring new life, purpose and joy to these new structures.