# 0028

Capucha Burel

Artefact, Individual Thing, Rare, Museum, Composite, Decades

Socio-cultural Data

Historical Uses

A traditional cape made from local wool waterproofed by felting. Read more about the story here: (acapucha.com/the-origins-of-the-capucha)

Historical Impact

social - cultural

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Present Uses

A desirable urban attire or accessories.The fabric is now being applied in outerwear, or accessories such as bags and cushions

Present Impact

cultural - economic

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Technical Data

Class of Material


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Bio-temporal-geographical Data

Residence time (How long does the matter/material/artefact stay in an unaltered state in the location/context/system before it decay?)


How does the item affect the environment in which it exists?

Nourish it

Ontological-cosmological Data


How would you like to be with this artefact/material/living thing/matter?

During winter I like to be covered with this material

How does transforming this artefact/material/living thing/matter transform you?


What can humans give back to this artefact/material/living thing/matter?