# 0046

Agulha de Pescador

Artefact, Individual Thing, Common, Gathered, Craft Workshop, Polymers,

Socio-cultural Data

Historical Uses

Fishing net making and patching; Line storage

Present Uses

Fishing net patching; Line storage

Present Impact

Cultural importance; Keeps the tradition of weaving fishing nets alive

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Experimental, near future uses

To weave

Other Fascinating Facts

Old needles were made manually from wood, stone and bamboo; The artefact has a hollow interior cutout with a pointed rod that fishermen call "tongue"; the rear part ends in a U-shaped indentation, commonly called "butt". Modern needles can be made of metal, wood, nylon or rigid plastic of various colours.

Technical Data

Class of Material


Bio-temporal-geographical Data

How does the item affect the environment in which it exists?

Harm it

Ontological-cosmological Data


How does transforming this artefact/material/living thing/matter transform you?

Enlightens me about the possibility of transforming a simple raw material into a final artifact with a certain purpose